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Popular Roofing Questions

When considering a large investment in your property, you must know all of the facts and be comfortable before proceeding. We have listed some of our  FAQ's for you below.


We are glad to answer all of your questions at any time, so just give us a call.

Here is a quick reference to some of the questions we hear often.

We are strong advocates of full coverage insurance for our working employees. We are completely covered by Workman’s Compensation insurance as required by Florida state law. We also keep insurance industry recommended auto insurance levels for all company vehicles. As part of the Proposal Package we are including a copy of our general liability policy as well.
A Photocopy of our roofing and general contractor licenses are included in our Proposal package. You may also check at the Florida DBPR website.
We will use plywood to cover and protect your driveway. We use dump trucks and trailers, not dumpsters. We cover your shrubbery with tarps, and we run a magnet in your grass to be sure roofing nails are not left in your yard. Daily sweeps will perform to make sure no dangerous roofing debris is left on the ground.
After signing the contract, we will stay in contact with you every step of the project. You also be able to speak to the foreman or the supervisor or call us at our office and speak with an specialist or with the owner of the company who is informed of the status of your project on a daily basis. Your sales representative is informed as well daily in case you want to contact him.
As part of our service and commitment to you we schedule all the inspections, meet the inspectors, and take care of the smallest request made by the building inspectors department. We will do everything in our power to make your roofing experience a satisfying one.
Over the years the experience, organization and knowledge of the roofing industry allowed us to start and finish the job in no time. We have the equipment and the qualified manpower to execute the job promptly and with excellence.
The quality of the materials that we use is crucial for a job well done. We only use materials from manufacturers and suppliers we know and trust. We ensure that our team regularly attend to technical seminars and product demonstrations in order to always use the right products and the latest techniques.
Yes, we offer roof warranties up to 15 years. There is a wide range of roofing systems available. The warranty will depend on the roofing system selected. No matter if it is a Repair, a Re-roof, a New Construction, Residential, Industrial or Commercial we offer warranty.
We are proud to be a diverse workforce. You will always have both English and Spanish speaking field personnel on every jobsite.