Total Roofing Systems “THE METAL ROOF EXPERTS” It is the combination of compromise and experience that can only be earned from over 25 years of experience in the roofing industry.

Service and dedication to the community has become a family tradition passed down from the elders of the family to the next generations.

With dedication and pride the main purpose has always been and always will be, the work well done and an exceptional customer satisfaction.

From the Florida Keys to Orlando, we have the capability to take on most roofing projects along the east coast and selected areas of the State.

Our specialty and focus are Metal Roofing. This experience is so vast that back in 2018 we decided to trademark the name “The Metal Roof Experts”.

There are many benefits of having a metal roof, including its attractive appearance, ample selection of colors & profiles, its ability to keep your home cool in the summer, the reduction of your home insurance premiums***, and last but not least, your peace of mind in knowing that your roof will provide durable and weatherproof protection for your home and your family. After-all, metal may work out to be the most cost-effective choice.

We install panel profiles that provide high wind pressure resistance, which is great for the hurricane seasons, and our low weight panels can help protect your homes structural integrity and life.

Many may think the wiser choice would be to go with a more cost effective option, but the truth is if you plan on making your roof replacement a long-term investment, the wiser option would be to invest in a long-term material such as metal.

However, Total Roofing Systems “THE METAL ROOF EXPERTS” is a fullservice cost-effective roofing solution for all your needs including tile, shingles, flats, etc.

Our portfolio of roofing projects is diversified. It includes Residential, Commercial and Industrial Projects.

We are a licensed and insured roofing team with a wide variety of roofing services including but not limited to:

  • Metal (providing the highest wind pressure in the industry and custom accessories).
  • Tile (Clay or Concrete tile, any profile).
  • Shingles (Architectural, Dimensional and Designer Shingles).
  • Flat Roofs.
  • Cedar Shakes.
  • Repairs.
  • Hurricane Retrofits.
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam

We have completed mayor and minor roofing projects continuously paying attention to every single detail regardless of the size and type.

We have the manpower and equipment to respond and complete your project in no time.